Practice organisation

Details to the organisation of the practice:

In order to keep your waiting period as short as possible, we kindly ask you to call us (tel.: +49 3831 258257), prior to coming to the practise.

Especially when you suspect an infectious disease. Independently from that, you may always present us your sick child during practice hours.

Unfortunatelly the process of paediartic examinatons can never be precisely forecast. Some children are very anxious and hace to be examined very carefully and gentle. Others are so ill, that further examinations (i.e. taking of blood samples, etc.) have to be done. During infectiuos periods many acutely ill children have to be added into normal time scheduling of the other waiting patients. Thus unfortunately sometimes waiting is inevitable!

In order to keep the waiting period as short as possible and to optimise work flow, we constantly try to optimise our practice organisation. We would like to ask you, to support us in that goal.

Pease tell us directly or use the littel letterbox in the waiting area to give us your tipps.

When vaccinations are planned, please don't forget your vaccination card.

Please park your baby buggy or pram only in the roo specially designed fort his purpose. You find it in our court yard. Unfrtunatelly prams are not allowed in the practice as they block the corridor and emergency exits!

In emergencies:

paediatric clinic Stralsund
Große Parower Straße 47 - 53
18435 Stralsund
Telephone: +49 3831 35 0

paediatric clinic Greifswald
Ferdinand-Sauerbruchstraße 1
17489 Greifswald
Telephone: +49 3834 86 6418

rescue coordination centre Vorpommern-Rügen (IRLS)
Telephone: 112

poison emergency call Erfurt
Telephone: +49 361 730730